Honolulu Bride and Groom - Sabrina and Benjamin

Bijou Bride & Groom of the Month (April): Sabrina & Benjamin

Wedding Date: 1/20/17

Venue: Lā‘ie Temple​ and Hale Koa​ Hotel in Honolulu

The Dress & Suit: #StefanJolie and #Cielo suit from Bijou Bridal & Special Occasion - Honolulu, HI​

Their Story: "Benjamin and I first met at BYUH over 13 years ago. We worked at PCC together, he was a dancer I was a greeter. He would always say "hi" to me when he'd walk by for his canoe show and I always remember thinking he was such a typical Saint Louis boy, so flirty and macho. We didn't really get to know each other and didn't share any classes together so we weren't close but we always had mutual friends around. Flash forward to 2008, Ben just got back from his mission and I recently returned from Las Vegas, we went out on a group "date" outing and I guess that's when we exchanged numbers and started texting each other. However, that faded after a couple months since I eventually met and dated someone else longterm for almost 5 years and Ben went on to Utah after his mission and finished school and also dated other people.  Then in 2014, I was newly and finally single and free from being attached to my previous relationship, Ben noticed this on FB and decided to reach out to contact me. He already living in Washington for almost a year serving as an Officer in the Army was planning to come home for memorial day weekend to surprise his Grandma on her birthday, suggested to me that we should kick it or something when he comes home. I was hesitant at first since I hadn't seen him for like 6 years but was also intrigued. When he got home I was kind of being avoidant of meeting up until it was his last night in town and I decided to hang out with him and some of his other friends at his house. After that night we slowy started to text and message each other more and then eventually we talked more and more frequently and decided we wanted to try the long distance thing (of which we were both sort of hesitant about) but we made it work with a lot of skype, mail, many back and forth trips to WA and to HI and now we are here today married and loving our lives together."

Fun Facts: "Our wedding day was on Inauguration Day"

Dress shopping advice for other brides? "Get the dress you'll look back 20-30 years from now and be in awe of how amazing you looked in it. Try on all sorts, you may fall in love with the one that looks blah on the hanger but on your body looks absolutely stunning. Also a little bling always helps."

Sabrina's a very special bride for us at Bijou Bridal.  Her father Jerry was such an important member of our staff, our Bijou family, and will be forever missed.  We are so very happy for Sabrina and Ben and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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Sabrina + Benjamin Wedding/Reception Highlights from Rj Studios on Vimeo.

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